Anyone else notice/interested that OSS now has a QD line of cans? Seems to me all the gripes about their system are now gone. If their flow through tech is just as effective in the new cans, seems to me like it would be the ticket esp for any semi auto shooting. Thinking about buying the .30. Price point is now competitive. No one talks about them. Why? Should I not be looking at them?


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I'm excited for their new line. OSS has had a few problems keeping them from being mainstream. The have been heavy, over-priced, and generally more difficult to purchase. Most of the people that make statements about them being load probably have not shot one and are going off youtube reviews based on the sound measured at the muzzle. I can tell you that on a semi-auto platform, I can't tell much of a difference and I have several too-tier cans to compare it to.

The main reason I purchased one was for my overgassed LMT. Works like a dream at basically eliminating my biggest complaint about shooting semi's: blowback. I decided to take the trade off for a heavier slightly louder can to eliminate this. Found that it wasn't noticeably louder. The older multi-piece design was nice to clean but more complex than needed so these new changes are welcome. I eyed them forever but could never bring myself to pay the old prices on them (even at dealer cost). I fineally picked one on a few months back when they decided to blow them out before the new line-up's release. Well worth the cost of admission.

I have a feeling with the recent design changes + the reduced weight + the reduced cost + the companies recent willingness to deal with dealers and distributors, I can see them making significant growth with civilian shooters.

If a large retailer like Silencer Shop picks them up, I can see them getting much more popular vs the boutique suppressor that you hear about and never see like they use to be.
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I agree. I had a chance to shoot their last gen, non QD on a 5.56 SBR and I considered it hearing safe. I was really impressed. Not sure where all the misinformation comes from. If the new can is as good as far as suppression, but has all the normal benefits of QD, not sure why you wouldn't buy them. No brainer for me.