Optic Sale Ad Template

Feb 14, 2017
Hey guys, if you didn't see my post in the firearms section then go check that out. I made a couple simple templates for people to copy and paste so that we can help alleviate ads without proper information as well as redundant questions being asked. Let me know if I missed anything that you would like added.



Model Number:

Tube Diameter:

Parallax Adjustment (front, rear, side, top [Kahles]):

Magnification Range & Objective Diameter:

Generation (if applicable):

Mil or MOA Turrets:

First or Second Focal Plane:


Illumination (Y/N):

Box/Papers/etc Included?:

Are rings included? If yes, height/cant/etc:

Condition/Blemishes/Ring Marks/Glass Condition:


Again, try to get some good pictures in good light for people.
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Feb 14, 2017
No one is saying this is all you can use since everyone has their own way of posting stuff, but this is designed for people who want a quick copy and paste template that they can fill out.

Not really sure why someone wouldn't want to use it though since all of this info should be in their ad anyways.
Just an idea, maybe put price up towards the top? When I am scrolling through, I get a preview of the post when I hover over the post title. If price is up closer to the top, instead of the bottom, that will come up in the preview. I realize that may not help the seller get views, but it will definitely save a buyer time seeing if something is in his budget or not.