Oh I hope this one goes far and long...

Nik H

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Jan 22, 2014
Rhode Island
The left will continue to get worse. In all actuality, it is a good thing. It will expose much weakness and true motives to a greater number of people. It will be their downfall.

They are too stupid to believe it can happen....much like their queen cunt HRC

Jefe's Dope

Wabbit Hunter
Dec 20, 2017
1. I think he was trying to be sarcastic and was going to follow up with Kavanaugh and how it would make him eligible for the Supreme Court. But, ...

2. The real scary issue here is the other women more than willing to "defend" the old man due to his politics and how they are truly projecting when they accuse those women on the Right that defend men who have been accused vis a vie Kavanaugh. Meaning, women on the left are more concerned with politics than actual women's rights.
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