NRL22 barrel length?

Oct 18, 2012
SW Washington
Going to be getting a kidd barreled action shortly and it will be going into a titan stock. The question is, is there really an advantage to getting a 18" over a 16"?

I know the 20" is the most accurate but going in and out of barricades im thinking the 18" would be the longest I would want for maneuvering.

Currently run a rprimfire and do fine with the 18 but thinking the 16" might help a touch getting in and out of position with port holes.

The one thing keeping me from getting the 16" is the few positional stages and the 18" may balance better.

Whats everyone's take?
Feb 13, 2017
I personally got a 18" on my Vudoo but that was only because I am running it suppressed. 16" looks too short to me lol

The length of the barrel will not determine accuracy. Its more of a velocity type thing.

From what I have read .22 reaches max velocity at 16" and then starts to slow down. The longer barrels will actually make more ammo choices subsonic over the 16".

Get what ever one you want but 18" is good middle ground.
Jan 15, 2010
Las Vegas
Barrel length won't matter in NRL22. I shoot a Kidd 18" and it still seems tiny since I run a 24" in centerfire matches. It is more of a preference of looks. Get what you want and enjoy your rifle.
Sep 14, 2003
East Tennessee
I asked the guys at Vudoo what differences they had seen with various barrel lengths and they told me that they didn't see any velocity loss until 22" if I remember correctly. FWIW, both my KIDD and my Vudoo wear 20" barrels.