Not the version of Russian Roulette I am familiar with.


Gunny Sergeant
Jun 5, 2011
Pierce County, WA
You can load dummy rounds in it and I guess it'd do the same thing provided whoever loaded it kept his mouth shut. But the guy insisting on pulling the trigger, yeah, that makes it murder, doesn't it? Such stupid shit anyway. Russian Roulette indeed.

But it's Hollywood and others that glamourize this shit, that and video games are what are training modern kids to use firearms, not the safe father/son relationship most of us seem to have had that seems to set up apart from what's going on today.
Aug 24, 2010
Northeast Wyoming
The Russian Roulette factor of this story seems much more like a cover for them murdering him in cold blood, pure setup, they even wrote "Fuck Matt (the victim) on the closet door where they hid his body. I can't imagine why the victim would have gone on with it, can only think that acceptance is so big in kids' lives these days.

Tragic as hell and again, evil at its root core.
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