Nightforce ATACR 4-16x42 F1 for sale

Sep 21, 2017
Fort Worth, TX
Selling my ATACR to fund another build. 4-16x42 FFP, 34mm tube, zero lock, Mil-R reticle, illuminated, comes with caps and box with original stuff that came in box. Excellent condition.

Asking $2100 for scope, and I’ll ship it for that price. Have it mounted in a JP 1 piece AR mount, and if you want it in deal add $100. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

93C5C8B3-0DE9-4BF4-9BE9-D6F47C57F060.jpeg 07768A6F-B988-462B-A922-0F651745D49E.jpeg 7C7AD731-E06E-4FEB-AE3D-14A09CDAA883.jpeg 4B8D4626-75D9-4E9D-96DF-05A6ADF1769F.jpeg