Nice option for rimfire glass

Dec 21, 2009
Petersburg, WV
These scopes have piqued my interest. I’ve been shooting the long range rimfire matches at peacemaker and have used the primary arms r-grid, a razor gen 2 ebr-2c, and an atacr 4-16 mil-c. I’m beginning to think that dialing for the closest target and using holdovers for the rest is the most efficient method for me. I’ve watched experienced shooters time out on stages from dialing for each target.

The six mils per rev is a little odd, but that’ll get a standard velocity 22 out to a little over 150. If this scope tracks accurately in its first rev, is reliable, and the reticle is true I’ll probably grab one for my comp gun.
Oct 6, 2018
The 6-24x50mm seems to be backordered through all suppliers. The first lot of the 6-24s sold out quickly. I was able to check both the MRad and MOA 6-24s out at the "Precision Rifle Expo" in September. The glass seems on a par with the PST Viper and the turrets are similar to the Gen 2 PST Viper and the Razors. It's a very impressive scope, especially for rimfire. The "street price" seems to be $499 and all the major suppliers will be offering them when they become available. Maybe before end of October?
Jan 1, 2018
I have the Diamondback Tacticle 4-12 on a Savage Mkll FSVR and love it. It tracks better than I can shoot. Glass is clear from edge to edge. I have the VMR1 reticle and really like it. It is not too busy but gives plenty of options.
I have a Boyd's AT-One stock with target inserts, DIP bottom metal, EGW 30moa pic rail and Weaver 6 screw xhigh rings in route. Will be putting all through it's pace as soon as all goodies arrive.
Jan 9, 2018
I just put a 4-16 on my 22LR trainer. I think the scope represents a good value but it isn’t a $1000 Viper PST. The glass is about what you would expect for the price range but should be good for the ranges you will be shooting a 22 out to. The turrets on the one I got are pretty mushy. I’m going to take them off and see if there is possible excess grease that is causing some of it. This is an issue that is common with the Athlon Argos. All and all it is a decent scope for the money and should be a good scope for a trainer. I do really like the reticle which is a big selling point of this scope. If I buy another scope for a trainer I’m not sure at this point if I will buy another one of these or possibly an Athlon Argos or possibly a Midas Tac.
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