Newbie to ELR 1500-3000yds

Apr 2, 2017
Holyrood, KS
Gents, My local range just added a target so we are now 1500 to 3000yds for ELR. I'm having a 7stw rebarrel led to a 1:7 twist now but it doesn't look like I will have enough adj to get to 3000. I'm toying with a 338 lapua specifically for this in the $2500 or less category not counting optics.

Ideas? thoughts?
This will be my first foray into ELR, but have been shooting 1300 yds or less for 25+yrs.

Looking for a standard caliber with brass, dies, etc available.


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Nov 27, 2017

How fixed is that $2500 budget?

If it is rock solid firm then you choices are going to be very very narrow and my recommendation would be

Or go to this one if you like that rear chassis section better:

Wear that barrel out as fast as possible and then have the rifle rebuilt (action trued, etc) with new faster twist custom barrel.

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Jul 27, 2001
I'd use the stw and get consistent with a mile. True my gear and program and work on repeatability. After I got where I could get consistent 1st and second round hits at a mile, I'd take what I learned and what I knew, and do the math, and walk my stw out to its max.
By then, I'd know if the bigger investment was worth the $ to obtain my new set goals, and by then you should have some new shooter friends and more ideas.

With my 375, I've learned the limit of the twist, the bullet, and the load. I know where my scope will take me.
I know where/what my next bump is, a better bullet. And I know the load and twist will handle it. And that the scope is going to be at its edge, IF it all comes together.
That's not going to be a really big investment.
HOWEVER, I don't have the distance available, so, I'm not out much at this point, still can build data, experience, and confidence.

Those who know me, know rifle two, faster twist, longer barrel, heavier, higher bc bullet is in the works. Parts crawl into the hood. Slow build investment in progress.
I know I will have to have either an adjustable base or adjustable rings at that point. I'm not at the point of doing that yet.
I can build rifle two up with what I have, prove the rifle at 1000-1760, the ease on out further.

And you can do that with the stw, with graduated goals, and confidence building success.
Go for it.

I have the lapua. I don't see it making 3k. I've shot the stw. I don't know what it will do with your combo. Can't help there.


Mar 12, 2008

I am assuming from your other post you are refering to spearpoint (1300 ish ASL), I dont see you getting to 3k with either combo...Steve's matches are scored similar to Ko2M in regards to hits /points. Several people currently use 28 noslers there (same case cap as a stw just shorter). A 197 smk at 3050 plus will make it to 2208 (currently the longest range they have shot there just fine). I wouldnt do 1-7, I would go 1-8 it is enough without extra drama...

Focus on doing well at the shorter ranges and you will do well overall while saving your pennies for a real 3k capable rig.....
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Mar 14, 2014
Fort Irwin, CA
If your goal is to hits targets at beyond 2,600 yards consistently...definitely will need to step to a 375 or plus caliber at one point.

7 STW / 7 mm will be stretched after 1 mile/1,760 yards. The 338 Lapua will be stretched after 2,000 yards. Cross winds will be the biggest challenge for both cartridges.

As far as elevation: TACOMHQ Charlie TARAC, Cold Shot MRAB/MOAB, Spuhr Mounts 61 MOA, to name a few...

Good luck!
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