New shooter programs in Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas Long Range OG
Mar 19, 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada

Our club is committed to growing long range precision rifle shooting in the Las Vegas Valley and contributing to the sport nationally. In an effort to encourage local participation and provide the opportunity for individuals to shoot our competition. We have started two programs that cater to growing the match by getting new shooters involved. We are also working to grow our club and improve our events.

The first program is our “loaner rifle program”. We have taken a page from Nor Cal PPRC and pulled resources together and worked with our generous sponsors to build a spare rifle that is offered to shooters. The rifle is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and is built using quality components. The rifle we have built gives up nothing to any rifle on the firing line. We only ask that you purchase the hand loaded ammunition for the rifle. By doing this we can also provide an individual with the DOPE necessary for the match. The cost of the ammunition is $1.00 per round which is perfectly reasonable. What this program does is provides the opportunity for someone to “rent” quality equipment, and for less than $75.00, an individual can expose themselves to our sport and make an informed decision if it is something they would like to get involved in.

The protocol for reserving the loaner rifles goes like this;

When the match announcement is made (posted here on Sniper's Hide) and the link is shared on our facebook page, go to our team web site (Sin City Precision | Long Range Precision & Tactical Precision Shooting) and send us a message through the "contact" page. The rifle is first come, first serve, we want to avoid booking the rifle month(s) out so we do not double book. We can make exceptions for shooters coming in from out of town. Once the rifle is reserved we will contact you and let you know we are good to go. Unfortunately right now we only have one rifle, if this is successful we can look at expanding the program.

The second program is twofold and an idea we got from our sister club AZ LRPRS. The first part is “your first monthly match with us is free”. The second part is our Mentoring Program. If a new or inexperienced shooter would like a mentor, the match director will assign one to that shooter. The mentors are made up of experienced competitors from our club Sin City Precision. It’s one shooter and one mentor, so that shooter will have the undivided attention of his/her mentor. The mentor will offer suggestions and help to the new shooter with the courses of fire and different props. The mentor will offer the shooter as little, or as much help as needed. The mentoring program is a great way to bring new shooters up to speed and get them familiar with the format of the competition. So far we have had one new shooter request a mentor and it was a positive experience for both, shooter and mentor. If you RSVP for the match here on Sniper's Hide and would like a mentor, please mention that in your post. It will be very helpful having an idea of how many mentors will be needed for the match.

It is our hope that these programs encourage new and experienced shooters to come out to the monthly match and give it a try. We are fortunate to have a great group of guys and a beautiful range located just outside of Red Rock Conservation area. Our local match is a great place to build your skills and expose yourself to different types of equipment utilized by practical long range precision rifle shooters. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a PM.

Guys we have a very exciting announcement in regard to our loaner rifle program. Arnold with US Optics is donating a LR-17 rifle scope! That is a top shelf optic that will have a home on the loaner rifle. US Optics has been a long time supporter of our events and shooters. US Optics support over the years has allowed our shooters to excel, it has allowed our club to grow and allowed our events to improve month to month, year to year. We are very thankful for their continued support of the precision rifle shooting sports. Please take the time to visit their website and consider US Optics when making your next optic purchase.

“This high quality scope from U.S. Optics is loaded with features to suit all your needs for tactical situations. The fully multi-coated Schott glass lenses allow full transmission of 94.6% of available light, which when paired with the red illuminated reticle, makes them ideal for use from dawn until dusk. The illuminated reticle is also adjustable via an 11 position rheostat to allow the user to adjust intensity. A large EREK knob (Erector Repositioning Elevation) that is low profile and has a large diameter makes elevation adjustments quick and easy, even when wearing gloves in cold weather.”
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