New PBS Series: Civilizations.

Greg Langelius *

Resident Elder Fart
Aug 10, 2001
Arizona, good place for me...
Civilizations is a new Educational/Historical documentary being presented on PBS Tuesdays, with repeat overnight very early Wednesday morning, and again mid-afternoon that Thursday. It's worth recording for later viewing. It' not Ken Burns, it's a bit more like Indiana Jones.

I watched it last night. It is a stunningly visual, and intricately interwoven depiction of how art and man evolved together. I watched it last evening, recorded it overnight, and you can still catch it and/or record it tomorrow (Thursday 4/19) afternoon if you wish.

I really liked it.

If you are interested in all those lost/missing civilizations which are finally coming to light, if you thought that stuff was all dry and pointy headed stuff, if you've ever really wondered where all those people went; this is a refreshing change on that angle.

It puts things together in a way that goes click and brings you upright in your seat.

Try it.