New member from Central Missouri


Jun 21, 2018
How's it going guys and gals?

I'm Roo from central Missouri, I have been shooting all of my life but have recently been sucked into the rabbit hole of long range. I have been lurking for a bit and decided to make the jump into the forums and join the community. I have been listening to the Everyday Sniper podcast (trying to get caught up) to and from work and I am really enjoying it. I'll be looking to get into some of the competitive scene someday, but just for fun. I hit 400 yards this weekend for the first time with about a 3.5" group (3 shots) and it was very fun! Getting into the sport and getting over the power curve of knowledge has been the roughest part so far. Any beginners tips or tricks are greatly appreciated, I'll be browsing the stickies to see what low hanging fruit I can collect. Hell you never know, we may meet up someday.

Take care