New buy:riflescope for Gas Bolt PRS//


Feb 22, 2020

let me introduce myself. I m a newbe in sniperhide forum. I m David , from Barcelona.
First of all, I ask for tolerance about my english. It s difficult for me express all my questions in english.

I had been shooting in PRS competition in Spain. I use a Steyr SSG .308 , on a Nightforece BR. I ve bought recently a S&W MP10 creedmoor. Its the only one option in this caliber on AR platform.
I should mount on a new riflescope. I want S&W for Gas bolt PRS. I say Gas Bolt PRS is a new modality in Spain, even bolt PRS has been created two years ago. For spanish shooting lovers USA competitions is the heaven.

I like very much Minox ZP5 5-25 and Khales k525. Both costs about 2800€. But a retailer offers me a IOR Valdada 3-25 Luthar new gen, for 1850€. It usually costs 2350€ at good price. And includes a origin rings.

Do you think its a good offer? Anybody got this IOR Valdada? what about does it performance in quality optics and realibility?

I have a doubt about size factory rings. IOR has a 35mm tube and should use the factory rings and only can choose one high. It would be right for a AR10 paltform?

Thanks for your time!


Random User
Dec 9, 2013
Do yourself a giant favor and stay away from anything IOR. This will be told to you by many others here as well.