New book: Impact! Training and Preparing for Precision Rifle Matches

Jan 9, 2018
Hello everyone. This is being posted with Frank's permission.

I have recently published a book about training and preparing for precision rifle matches. Here is a brief synopsis of what is covered:

Are you looking to get started in long range or precision shooting?

Impact! is an entry/intermediate level guide to preparing yourself and your equipment to compete in precision rifle type matches or just become familiar with long range or precision shooting. Topics covered include:

-Setting up your rifle
-Understanding ballistics and how to collect, record, and use ballistic data
-Techniques for using holdovers, reloading, clearing malfunctions, shooting off of barricades, and more
-Effects of wind and other
variables such as air density -How to improve your wind calls
-Tips for live fire and dry fire practice
-Preparing yourself and your equipment for a match
-Mental strategies and techniques
-Rifle, optic, and equipment selection

Everything is clearly explained in simple language and illustrated with numerous photographs.

Also included is an extensive glossary of terms used in precision shooting and a list of additional resources you can use to further pursue your precision shooting knowledge.

At the back of the book you will find several pages where you can record data about your rifle, scope, and ammunition as well as wind observations and holdovers, plus a handy list of unit conversions.

The book is available on here:

I am very open to feedback. The book has been peer reviewed by several seasoned shooting instructors who really liked it. If you get a copy let me know what you think!
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Jan 9, 2018
Thanks for the support everyone! It is not an advanced level book by any means but it is a good starting point for newer shooters and competitors who are trying to wrap their heads around all the different aspects of the sport.