New Ammo for the mighty boom stick


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Feb 13, 2012
Southern Cali


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Jun 5, 2011
Pierce County, WA
I've got some DDupleks slugs from (Latvia?) that are expanding 12ga. hollowpoint slugs. They have a steel base and core like the ones above but have several triangular, serrated "blades" that are held in place by a polymer band. Hydraulics expand it, breaking the band and the geometry of the fragments causes them to radiate and spin while the slug continues straight. I think they make one that doesn't fragment, the band breaks and the blades open up but it stays intact. Mine don't. I think the 32's are the most brutal ones.

The bullet above w/.357 just appears for looks. I don't see how it can do anything spectacular. It'd be better without the bullet IMO.

The shit I have isn't new, and I literally bought it because I figured it'd be banned when Pelosi and the rest of the Stasi found out. The xray looks brutal but then again so does the fact fuckface gutshot the animal with it. Another gelatin test showed the damn wad alone going 15", most of the blades exited in random places. A 12ga. slug usually keeps on going and going and going... These things don't, so a lot of energy is being absorbed by the tissue.