Need another lab. Any suggestions?

Feb 14, 2017
all over see below:
Our black lab died after 13 great years and enough time has passed that we are looking for another. It will mostly be a family dog as I have 4 kids 10 and under that are highly active and enjoy the outdoors. We are the Portland Oregon area if anyone knows a good place to get one let me know thanks
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Aug 10, 2001
Arizona, good place for me...
Well you picked the right breed. If breeding is a criterion, it can get interesting and expensive.

If a great canine family member is the real goal, honest to God; at least check the pounds.

I have two cats and two dogs. I came to AZ with an amazingly clingy, affectionate eight Y/O small cat.

I went to the Tombstone AZ pound and now have a pair of mutts and another cat. The dogs are siblings Chihuahua/Jack mix (the smarts came from the Chihuahuas, not a lot of smarts), and the cat turned out to be a kitten who got huge (over 20lb) and stalks my little cat 24/7.

Never a dull moment. My Wife calls the big cat 'Dementia", and is trying to find a way to 'Lose" her. The dogs turned out to be everything I said I'd never want: (1) Chihuahuas, and 2) Yappers....

Never a dull moment...

Apr 17, 2010
Astoria, Or.
Strange. When I walked into the house tonight my wife told me our neighbor called and asked her whether we wanted another lab. The dog is a four year old yellow female. She's been dog sitting for the owners and says she is a sweetheart with lots of energy. Owners are divorcing. PM me if interested and I'll get further information. We live in the Lewis and Clark River valley one ridgeline from Seaside. The dog is from Manzanita.
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Jun 5, 2011
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Set on the lab?

Look into the Llewellyn Setter before settling on anything, you may be surprised. I could go on but if you're interested you'll devour info on them anyway. Not a better breed IMHO. Not for a bird dog, not for the values you expect a bird dog to espouse. They're bar none in this respect.

You won't get a bad one, not likely, because of how they're registered and bred. No AKC, requires DNA, hip and eye exams to be registered for breeding and to be called a "Llewellyn" but be careful. Got to be DNA registered because unscrupulous breeders capitalize on the "brand" of this dog and will sell English Setters as a Llewellyn. On the other hand, they say ALL English field dogs today have Llewellyn blood simply due to how great they are. Smaller than an English, mine pegged out at 40lbs and is naturally a thin dog.

I can't describe how awesome they are, just perfect in every respect. Probably never get another breed and wish I could breed the one I have and just go that route --he's perfect.
Feb 15, 2017
I've had since a kid ; collie , Belgian Shephard , English Pointer , German Shepherd ,
Wlaker Hound/Doberman , two Chocolate Labs and a Redbone Coonhound . By far
the Labs were and currently is the best dog we've brought into our family . The first
Chocolate Lab was dumber than a box of rocks squared but when it came to bird hunting he had no equal . Current Chocolate female is a total love with the family .
Although come to the door or pass a window and she will try her dammedest to go thru said window or door . Good luck with your new family member .
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