Navy M14 Physical Security Sniper Rifle / Navy Port Security M14 rifle - replica project update

May 16, 2012
It has taken a little over a year, but I have finally collected the parts I need to begin the build of my replica/tribute Navy M14 Physical Security Sniper rifle/Navy Port Security rifle. For those who might not be aware of the history, these were basically the Navy's "Grade A" M14 match rifles that were converted into SEAL sniper rifles circa 1989-1990 via the addition of a 10x scope, BPT scope mount, Leupold Ultra tactical rings, and bedded into either a forest camo McMillan M1A stock (early guns) or a black McMillan M1A stock. (note: the majority of rifles built at Crane used the black stock). Funding was approved for 250 to be built back in 1989, and the Navy had approx 70 Grade A match rifles already in inventory that were suitable for conversion into the Physical Security Sniper Rifle configuration. (Note: The earliest rifles were double-lugged, but due to cracking/welding issues regarding the front lugs, the Navy armors at Crane, IN built the majority of these with just rear lugs.)

Anyhow, here's the inspiration for the project, a 1991 photo of what I suspect is a Navy/Crane-built M14 Physical Security Sniper rifle taken just after Operation Desert Storm. (Note: This picture is from a Peter Senich book, The Long Range War, (1994), and while he refers to this rifle as an "M25" that is not technically correct as the Navy never utilized the M25 nomenclature). Regardless of that minor error, according to Senich's book, this rifle was the US Navy SEAL’s "weapon of choice” during Operation Desert Storm.

From the same book, here's a military artist rendition of a Navy SEAL using this rifle during Operation Desert Storm (circa Feb 1991):

Here's the photo associated with this Navy NSN 1005-01-106-8975 (note the aluminum case and items in the case):

Here's the most recent picture circa 2007 of Navy personnel with what appears to be a Navy M14 Port Security rifle still in its original configuration:

Regarding my replica rifle project, it actually started with the correct B&L 10x scope and a BPT scope mount that I acquired in January 2017...and that began the journey. So, 13 months later this is what I have accumulated in an effort to replicate what is seen in the above pics, including a vintage Navy transport case (Note: You can click on picture to enlarge):

Rear lugged SAI Super Match receiver (1992 vintage). Rear lug has the torque screw set-up, as also found on vintage Navy match rifles:

1993 dated US Navy marked heavy Barnett/Douglas barrel (The headspace is good: 1.631"):

Misc. parts (BTW, I'm looking for another MRT marked sling with a 1990s date, just in case someone has a spare sling they could sell...):

Optics and a few misc items found in the original kit. (I have a Navy Weapon Record book, but I'd really like to find an original Operator's Manual: SW370-BK-MMI-020):

Thanks to another collector, I was able to acquire the old Navy aluminum transport case as seen in vintage pics (DRMO'ed item), and I have ordered replacement foam for that case. So the last two or three items I am now trying to find are the Operators Manual # SW370-BK-MMI-020; the Technical Manual # TM 9-1005-223-90, and whatever that blue spiral notebook is in the color NSN photo (I think its instruction on Mil-Dot reticles, but not sure). If any body a copy of any of these 3 manuals I would be a very motivated buyer as its all that I need to complete my "kit" (along the replacement foam for the old transport case that I ordered a couple of weeks ago).

I may add a front bipod stud to the stock before I have my gunsmith bed the action (he's a retired USMC MOS 2112 and well-versed in building match M14s... Its a long story re my pursuit of a black M1A stock, as the other one I ordered from McMillan in August 2017 should arrive this spring,

Most recently I re-parked the receiver, bolt, op rod and a few other parts, so everything now has a matching finish, and thus this project is finally coming together. Hopefully my gunsmith can bed it in MarineTex sometime this spring or summer.... Anyhow, just an fyi post for any one interested in this replica of a somewhat unusual M14 variant.
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Feb 23, 2010
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I shot against some of those guys at Gastonia a few years ago. Port security guys. Good shooters! Great guys! They were using Bolt actions at the competition, but got to see their 'kit' and they had a few of these in their inventory. Yours looks great! Fantastic project!

Keep us posted and let's see some groups when you get it together!