My son shooting Sturkis' KYL rack

Just wanted to throw a shout out to sturkis and his 50 KYL rack. My 10 yr old son absolutely loves it and honestly I do to. Extremely well built and a blast to shoot! I need to figure out how to do picture in picture videos because you can't see them swing in my video at 50 yds. Wind was whipping pretty good so it was tough.
Sturkis sure builds a great rack, I have one too.

I'm going to brag on him a bit/ Mike that is. He shot a perfect score this month in our Field Target air rifle match, 48/48! So did his friend Pat! They shot off and Mike took the honors. Congrats to both!
Shot my 50 yd Sturkis for the first time this week. Great target. My buddy and I both hit the small one at 40yds. in a bit of a breeze which was awesome.
Nice man!

Details on the rifle? What scope mount is that?
As Markus said it is an Area419 30 moa base and the scope is a bushnell elite LRTS 4.5-18. It’s an awesome scope I just wish the parallax went below 50. Makes the 25 yd shots a little hard to get in focus. The scope is borrowed off my DMR and will be getting replaced with a 5-25 pst II in the near future.