My .243 rocks......recipe

I bought a barrel on here for my AW a while back from another hide member. I shot a few rounds thru it then changed back to my 6.5cm barrel. I decided to play around with the .243 a little more. I have some Hornady .243 brass. Bought some Hornady 105gr HPBT with 41 gr of H4350. Primer is a Federal Gold Metal LR primer.

I used my Magneto speed to get my average velocity and then started to get my dope together. I was more than happy with the impacts I was seeing at 600 and 750 so I took it out to 1000. I had impact right away on the 12" target with the dope from my applied ballistics app. I decided to try out the silhouette at 1000 and was so happy to see a group smaller than my fist. I was ecstatic and went home thinking I had to go back to see if it was just one of those lucky days.

Came back 2 days later and we had some wind .. not too bad gusts of 8-9mph. I walked the shots out confirming the dope I had from the other day. I was dead nutz on at 600, 750 and 1000 so with two rounds left I thought lets go to 1250. I decided to shoot the silhouette. I dialed in .7 mils of wind and shot the two rounds down range. At 1250 its a little hard to see the hits even with my 40x spotting scope but I was hoping the two shots I saw on target were mine. We drove downrange and I was so happy. Two heart shots within 3" of each other. I wished I had more ammo to see if I could get that to be a 5 shot group but I will play again another day.

All this to give you a lucky guess on what the rifle would like. Maybe your rifle will like that load too.
Nice. Gotta love the dark horse .243. A fast and flat 6mm is like cheating lol. My 26” AINA Tooley-chambered 8 twist Bartlein absolutely hammers even after 1700 rounds. Lapua Brass, 105 Hybrids, 210m’s, 46.8g of H4831, at 2.830. This load started at a .030 jump, lord knows what it is now but I haven’t touched it. One-holer’s are the norm, tiny ES at 3130fps.
Nice so you can run all the 105’s and up to the 115 DTAC’s. That barrel you have is surely a rocket. Slow down the burn rate and pack some powder in that thing. H4831 and H1000 are awesome with all the case capacity the .243 has to offer. 3100 is easily found with a 26”.
I thought 43.5 was max load for H4831? However, I do see where your rounds are very long compared to the 2.63" C.O.L. I am making. Your COL is about what I have my .308's at. Mine just shot so well with the first load I put together that I have not even played with the seating depth.
Yeah it’s a hot load by all lawyer standards but not if you have some reloading experience under your belt. At my COAL, it was literally impossible to get too much powder in the case. I was compressing powder to the point of bullet deformation and still had no pressure signs on the brass or primer. I went a full grain over this charge and seen no gains. Velocity flatlined at 3180fps regardless. Just out of barrel at that point. There was a nice fat node right around 3100 that is literally numb to a charge variance of about .2g. Makes loading good ammo a breeze.
Looks like your in PA, at first i was thinking you would have to be in a higher elevation to get that kind of speed but I get what your saying with the length of the rounds though. For now I am probably just going to keep my load what it is. Just sold some H1000 to a friend but may play at some point.