Multiuse Arca RC2 Connector (MARC QD Plate) *Video added..

(Multiuse Arca RC2 Connector)

Two Quick Detach Plates in One!

The MARC QD plate has been designed to mount to both (1.5”/38mm) Arca-Swiss tripod clamps and legacy Manfrotto tripod heads that use RC2/200PL attachment plates.
The Patent Pending design prevents horizontal movement with Manfrotto tripod heads, and accommodates for Arca-Swiss plate retention slots and Feisol retention plungers.
An ultra lightweight mounting option with a minimalist footprint.

CNC machined aluminum construction
Hard Anodized
M-lok or direct thread currently available. More options coming soon.
Made in USA

These plates are a great tool for spotting scopes and laser range finders that might find themselves on a grip action head time-to-time.

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Feb 23, 2017
Ordered two when I saw the post on FB. Got em in today. Installed one on my 6.5grendel and the other on my 6.5 creedmoor that’s in a grayboe ridgeback. Work great and looking forward to some real use out of them.
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Jan 2, 2003
Western US
I bought 2 and they work very well. I mounted one on my Hogsaddle and one on my spotting scope I have Manfrotto tripods/ball heads and an RRS Anvil 30 and the Marc QD plate allows me to use them quickly on either. I notice that when mounted on the my Manfrotto RC2 clamps, the clamp doesn't close as much as with the Manfrotto plates, it still works but the QD lever is sticking out more.
Thanks for the feedback. The proprietary footprint is different than the RC2 design. Our design adds stability and safety to the plate as opposed to just blue printing the RC2 design and adding Arca cutouts.
The Manfrotto levers will feel slightly tighter than a stock plate but you won't see any slop or horizontal torsion.
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