Msrp for CDX-R7 crbn?


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Feb 19, 2017
Northern VA
I have got both MSRP and street pricing, and a really good price for a short period of time. I have been away from this forum. My apologies. We have a large order for Cadex coming in, and need to get a new order out to Canada as well

This is one of the rfiles that Cadex is making a strong push in the market in 2020. What is really great is that Cadex offers, in many rifles, the choice of a new Cadex in-house buttoned barrel, a Bartlein barrel and the combinaiton steel and carbon barrel. We all know that a barrel makes the rifle, so pretty neat that Cadex is open to offer choices.

In this forum, we try not to be obnoxiously commercial. PM me on pricing.
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