Moving to pasco, WA


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Feb 22, 2010
Atlanta, GA
So work is relocating me to Pasco, WA, I'm super excited about the move and hope to continue my love for long range shooting up that way.

What are the options around southern, WA for ranges to join that offer long range shooting? I already see I need to become a part of the NWPRL to start shooting matches, but I'll be looking for places to practice first off.

Any info is appreciated.



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Feb 24, 2013
Your closest range will be Rattlesnake Mountain in Benton City. Look up John Hauptmann on facebook. He runs the matches out of there with the next being the Cold Bore Challenge coming in Feb for the RTC league. There are some good small non points matches being held monthly in the area too. I think Sun Valley towards Yakima might be an option.

For matches I would look at the Karstetter Memorial match (Wilbur, WA) , Kettle Falls (Coleville, WA), Rock Lake (St. John, WA) , & the Blue RIdge Ranch (Benge, WA). We have some great things coming in the spring. Unfortunately Facebook seems to be the main place to organize. So you will want to join the Northwest Precision Rifle Shooters page.

Lots of land out there though. You don't necessarily need a range for practice. Hope this helps.

Sheldon N

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Sep 24, 2014
Pacific Northwest
Welcome to the NW, great shooting scene around here. Get plugged in on the Facebook group and you'll find all the info on matches. Best advice I can offer is to show up at matches and make friends. Lots of really good shooters all over the east side of the state.