Moving to Alaska...ranges?


Bow Shooter
Apr 6, 2017
West Bend, Wisconsin
Strongly considering a move to Alaska before the end of summer. Either Fairbanks or Anchorage area. My question is what is available for ranges, matches, and if needed, a competent smith for minor work/maintenance? Thanks!


Gunny Sergeant
Nov 15, 2007
Glacier Valley Alaska
If you didn't know end of summer is August in north and Sept in SC Alaska. It is common for snow to fall in Fairbanks in Sept, and I have seen several inches last week of Sept in Anchortown. I have seen 8" in mid May. Been snowed on July 4th weekend camping trip. But with global warming things are in constant change anymore. My kids use to trick or treat in temps around 0f. We had high school football championships in weather what Green Bay calls the ice bowl, real tuff for grown men not high schoolers. Not a good time to move up but it has and will continue to be done. If you hunt I suggest you arrive by August 1 to be able to hunt full season the following year.

Good thing I guess is the cost of living is like many cities down in the states now. WalMart and the big box stores took care of that back in the 90s. But many of the local shops closed. The bush is still very expensive.

Both areas have their fare share of crime but Los Anchorage has that name for a reason. The boy mayor opened up refugees with free money and living and they flooded the area and of course, brought that life with them to the north. City government is infiltrated with left coast liberals, a few from the other coast and made their way into the state level. The state is changing almost daily now. This is not the Alaska up to around 1990 when things started going south, pun intended.

Stan Jackson was considered the best for pure accuracy.
Alaska Custom Firearms.
There are others.

The areas we use to shoot hunt are long gone now and many have houses or no trespassing or off limits now. But, once you know the area you can still find open areas to shoot. You will find a hard time getting this beta from Alaskans due to, every time one person finds out, next week there are 10 people there, next week 50 then it is ruined. This includes fishing and hunting. People moved up to get the away from the life in the states but for some reason brought what they were trying to escape from with them.

I know very little about matches, not my thing I am private person love open space and freedom....Alaska.... but there are a few around all areas to include squarebanks, on parks, anchortown and the penn.
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