Moving Sale- Ultimatum, RBros, and a really odd mauser REDUCED

May 7, 2005
San Antonio, etc...
Clearing out some stuff to get ready for a move.

Rbros built (Defiance) .260 rem. Obermeyer tight bore 8.2 twist 24" barrel (5/8x24). McM adj HTG, CDX bottom metal /1 5rd AI mag. Huber 2 stage trigger. Has 920rds through it (will come with the standard bolt shroud/knob also). The stock has filled areas where a black ops NV mount was.
$2500 OBO shipped to your FFL. This thing has shot under 2" at 500 with 140 AMAX for me.

Ultimatum PRS build.
Ultimatum action, 308/223 bolt faces, action wrench, barrel nut wrench
Timney Calvin elite trigger, Atlas bipod with RAT attachment, ARC mag with Area 419 extension/accurate mag for .223/300
MPA Chassis Burnt bronze with data card holder and barricade stop.
Currently, Shilen 7Twist 6xc barrel with 200rds through it. Comes with 1 Crux 3/4x28 muzzle brake. Also with it: 16" shaw CM 8twist .300 BO barrel 20rds through(5/8x24), new 25" .260 Rem barrel 8twist CBI barrel (3/4x28), new 23" 7Twist .223 Shilen (5/8x24).
It will be a long time before i will be able to shoot PRS again- however, i would choose this build again.
i have over $4500 into this set up- Asking $3600 shipped for the whole package
Action, wrenches $1500
CBI or shilen Barrels: $400 each
Barrel Nuts $65 each

Rhineland/Turkish Mauser .45 ACP.

This was a fun project. Turkish Mauser, bent bolt, tactical knob, EWG scope base, timney trigger. 16" barrel threaded .578x28 with thread protector. Also, i turned the front of the barrel down to .625 for a gas block to run a front sight. There is a hogue stock that was rough inletted and then it was blasted and blued matte black. It shoots great. The mag area may need work feeding Hollow points. Does not come with the mini red dot.
$600 shipped to your FFL

All Prices shipped CONUS. Paypal (no fees on my end), Check, MO. i'm not interested in trades unless it is a Vudoo BA.
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Feb 14, 2017
On the how’s mini, does it use standard 1500 SA stocks or something different? I think I’ll take the 7.62x39, just trying to line up what I’ll do for a stock.


Jan 18, 2006
San Antonio Tx
I keep telling him not to move but he wont fricken listen. He has access to all kinds of folks that let him shoot as long as he wants, good hunting, and fun to be had by all. I think if the heat wasn't so bad in the summer he wouldn't even think about moving.....
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