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Aug 2, 2011
9DE84D12-FEDD-48FB-9471-2AC12818921F.jpeg AB8CB6F8-2EBF-427E-A9D9-0206E8050337.jpeg 318E170B-625F-4243-92F9-06BC5886FC11.jpeg AB8CB6F8-2EBF-427E-A9D9-0206E8050337.jpeg 9DE84D12-FEDD-48FB-9471-2AC12818921F.jpeg Surgeon 591 action in MPA chassis, full Arca rail on chassis and has the barrier stop. Kreiger hv 7tw 24” 6XC barrel, 1500 rds. Shot the SRM in Raton in April, scored a 55 for 2nd place, last time I shot his rifle. Also includes a Muellerworks 7tw 26” 223 barrel and Surgeon .223 bolt. This barrel has about 1200 rds on it, shooting 80g eld’s 2900ish. I have a modified Surgeon action wrench that can be used without removing the scope. Timney 517 trigger. No bipod or muzzle devices included. Action is duracoated. I can send more pics upon request. $2700 shipped

Parting Out
Action-$1200 bolt was bushed to small pin by Harless Precision
MPA BA Chassis-$800 this is the newest model with the lug lock
223 bolt and barrel-$750
Action wrench-$55
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