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Nov 10, 2010
I can 2nd that, but in .40. I did break and ejector around the 7000rd mark. Not exactly sure when because the gun continued to run. Found the tip broken off during maintenance. Had been 500 rounds since last tear down. So some where in there it broke. Not sure where all the hate comes from. Out of the box the trigger is a ton better than any Glock I have held.


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Jun 15, 2008
I have 13.5k rounds through an XD9 in some incredibly shitty conditions and even went 3k rounds without cleaning to see when it would stop and it never has, not even a single hiccup.
I've never gotten past picking one up in my hands and putting it back down. For you and others, they may be a wonder of form and function, but to me they look and feel like someone in Croatia sitting under a shade tree had an end chunk of Trex 2x4, a Dremel, and way too much free time. I'm well served by my not so insubstantial accumulation and haven't been sorely tempted for several years now to chase the latest and greatest of semiautomatic hole-punchers. It isn't that I'm anti-polymer, and I'm not snobby about relatively inexpensive solutions. Were that the case, I'd just


you guys and move on. And Springfield otherwise fields some serviceable 1911s, to their credit. And no, I don't Glock, either — got over that delusion back in '85, thank you.

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Fucking hung over as FUCK this morning.
Not even 1 cup of X-L 7-Eleven regular blend could clear my head.
Then I opened my inbox and this image did the job.
Now I am fully awake and as alert as a biker at a Rolling Stones concert:

Buying more fuckin' ammo.
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