Motivational Pic Thread v2.0


Dec 28, 2017
Family farm closer to Bedford or Clarinda?
Had many a fried catfish dinners at the cafe on the east side of 71 there in Braddyville with my grandma as a boy. She was born and raised in Gravity and lived in Clarinda her adult life.
Ran a store on the square for years and ended up working at Lisle Tool for a while before retirement.
I still have an oil filter wrench she made and I watched her do it. Spot welding the band to the steel where the handle cams to lock down on it was her job.

I thought most good old boys measured drives by the 6 pack? 😉

You have any redheaded sisters? I prolly tried to date em in high school......

Good stuff. I bet we know some of the same folks.
Closer to Braddyville - 1 mile East (about 5 minutes :D) and 1 mile North (another 5 minutes).

Not much of a fish eater, but I did eat many a meal at Dolly's Cafe.

Uncle and Sister (not redheaded) worked at Lisle. Brother-in-Law's Stepfather was an engineer there. He designed a close quarter screwdriver and brought it to me to "field test" about 30 years ago. I still have it.

I have US Navy Mark 1 (Parris & Dunn) training rifle in my collection. It was manufactured in Clarinda, IA in their factory (now Lisle Corporation). It is the left one in the front row. The plastic bayonet for it is in the oak box to the right of the rifle.


Oddly enough I don't drink.


Apr 8, 2010
That movie doesnt get the credit it deserves...and the remake sucked balls

i remember watching news footage of Iraq:

"Operation Red Dawn was an American military operation conducted on 13 December 2003 in the town of ad-Dawr, Iraq, near Tikrit, that led to the capture of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The operation was named after the 1984 film Red Dawn.[1] The mission was assigned to the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 4th Infantry Division, commanded by Maj. Gen. Raymond Odierno and led by Col. James Hickey of the 4th Infantry Division, with joint operations Task Force 121—an elite and covert joint special operations team.

They searched two sites, "Wolverine 1" and "Wolverine 2," outside the town of ad-Dawr, but did not find Hussein. A continued search between the two sites found Hussein hiding in a "spider hole" at 20:30 hrs local Iraqi time. Hussein did not resist capture.[2]"

my brother and i joked that the guys in charge must have been about 45 years old etc.