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Feb 23, 2010
The Snobbiest Town in The Snobbiest State in the N
In 2005, not long after graduating the academy, I was in EU... Frankfurt... and ended up in a cop bar, completely by accident. Actually in a nasty Muslim section of Frankfurt.... but the bar long predated that. First... not many Americans went in. Second very few American cops ever stumbled on it.

First, those guys can drink like fish! A beer with lunch and on-duty is perfectly acceptable.

And if an American cannot keep up, then they will buy you even more beers. The good news is that it was 50 feet from my hotel door. And the wursts, sausages and Wienerschneitzel were the best anywhere. And attenuated the beer a bit.

German cops rock!




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Feb 14, 2017
On the 22nd February, 1944, the pilot of a crippled B17 bomber, Mi Amigo, attempted an emergency landing in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield. In avoiding schoolchildren in the open area, he crashed into the rise behind the park cafe, and he and his crew were all killed. A man who witnessed the crash, Tony Foulds, has tended the memorial since it was placed in 1969, and has campaigned for a fly-past on the 75th anniversary. This is going to happen at about 0845 Zulu following a memorial service.
I feel sure that this will be of interest to many. The event is to be broadcast by the BBC.
I saw this story on tv the other day, Mr Foulds was one of the school children......


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Feb 24, 2008
Maryland, US
Cops have a marginally higher rate of firearms offenses than concealed permit holders.

So I ran into McCauly (sp) when I moved from New Jersey to Maryland... there was a records issue where the FBI was claiming that I was a convicted violent criminal. (E.g. New Jersey misreported something... transposed some ordance numbers..)

This was before he got “schooled.”

He sent me a letter indicating that I was a violent criminal who needed to surrender my firearms. I, of course, was like “what the hell are you talking about!?!?”

Anyway, within minutes of calling the Licensing Division, the whole issue was resolved.

However, they would not, specifically McCauly would not, send me a letter recanting the accusition.

I had to get two Senators and my attorney to get involved before they did the right thing: recant the accusation in writing once it was clear it was a goof. (I was working for the DoD at the time, and this stuff needed to be in my permanent record...)

Nice enough guy after the fact, but he was certainly part of the problem until the end of his career. Which, as I understand it, was because he saw the light.

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i saw a sky like that once in arkansas...the second i saw it, i grabbed my etool and started furiously digging a hasty....i dug in like an alabama tick. and boy, what a storm came with it. it was the most vicous storm i was ever in. didnt last but 25 minutes...but it was nasty.
Supercells.........Nature's raw fury concentrated in a small area. Well not exactly small but just small enough for one to be able to see most of it at once.

There are not a lot of places where one can observe the power of several atomic bombs being unleashed right above them every couple of minutes.

Blue Sky Country

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i should specify...the picture i was refering to was the one with the emerald green sky....i saw that color sky and i knew bad shit was coming my way. to see it in person....eerie AF
It is unnerving to see something like that heading your way. Seen that kind of sky multiple times as an OTR driver.

Green = Conditions are ripe for large hail and tornadoes.