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Jun 3, 2009
Colorado Springs, CO
More likely Viagra and a 10" tool!

And she is from Eastern Europe... and understand what "Real" socialism is.

I mean... where else but America can you grow up as a poor, oppressed Eastern-European hottie... and end up as the First Lady of the greatest nation ever on the planet. She understands... and when the press goes all leftist and faggotry... I am sure she recalls her teen years under Soviet control and says to herself "God... I love America!"

Just 'sayin.

First generation immigrants... understand. because the founding fathers... understood first generation immigrants.

By the third generation... they turn into retards pining for some kind of third world sh**hole cred. And, in many cases... second generation.

Melania... knows what 'Merika... means.


Damn straight! The wife is Russian and grew up under the Soviets. Although she looked cute in her Children of October uniform, she hates anything to the left of Rush and has more patriotism than the entire Democrat party. She was naturalized in 2001 and will not call herself anything but "American".