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May 26, 2014
The one on the left, is store bought. The middle is a 2 pound ball peen I made. The right is a 4.5 pound cross peen I made. All of them have bois d' arc (osage orange) handles. I cut the trees, off my place, milled them, and stickered them for two years. Bois d' arc laughs at Hickory.

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Been making weld plates. I am aware I need to sweep the torch kerf off the floor. Ignore the floor.

Anvil is a 260 pound JHM Competitor made in Peaster, Texas. It will tolerate a 12# sledge. I made the anvil stand of course.
I was just in Peaster the other day. Not a lot there.
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May 1, 2010
Melissa, Texas
The brotherhood showed up last night and this morning. Sorry, no pics, we didn't have time for any.

We had a legit tornado roll through. Roofs got peeled off, cars flipped over, power poles broken in half, tons of trees blocking roads. I've never been in a war zone, but this had to look close to it. Dispatch had every Engine we own, the Truck I was on, and every Ambulance we have answering calls. We could not keep up. Chief 1 told dispatch to ask for 10 Engines from any cities that would send them. We got Engines from 9 departments, some of them 25 miles away. Technically not even what would be considered neighboring departments, as we don't share district lines. We hear them on our radios talking to our dispatchers helping us get these calls off the board. We began at 2000 hours, and I finally got to lay down at 0330. We free lanced and drove streets chainsawing trees off the streets, and removing debris so that fire apparatus could get through. We just made paths. We asked for the Cavalry and the Cavalry came. I've never met most of them, probably never will, but we are family.

Days like yesterday keeps me motivated.


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Mar 24, 2006
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