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Strickland Propane
Sep 11, 2014
Phoenix AZ
I like Nokona gloves but they are way too heavy and the leather is way too soft, great for softball, not so much for baseball.

BTW, Nokona is not the only glove still made in America, Katz makes a much nicer glove but a lot more expensive and you have to wait in line to get one.
I looked into Katz, seems they "break in" gloves as a service but I don't see that they actually manufacture a product.

I've been playing ball for years and I'll agree Nokona is heavier but they are using real leather not "topgrain" over cloth like the others.

I play one of their kangaroo leather gloves and it's the perfect balance for me. 7.5" SS glove and it really just feels like and extension of my body.

The King

Showercookie Monster
Sep 17, 2004
Denver, Colorado

And God was finally tired of taking shit from Rube Goldberg.

“See here, Rube. This whole thing is gonna start where it always starts. With the Shithook. But I bet you weren’t thinking it was gonna be the third Shithook on the left...on the ground. He is gonna spin up the rotors to see if they got that thing fixed, and it’s just all going to go downhill from there.

I won’t spare you the gory details, Rube, because it doesn’t seem to be the way our relationship works. But I will say that the guy who has been talking shit about Jesuses beard down there is going to survive all of it. Until they medevac him on the undamaged Osprey there. The one that just gets to watch this whole thing happen.

And once they go to put him on the Osprey because he broke his dick on a falling m16a4 a decapitated Lance Corporal dropped..I’ll prevent him from screaming and stretch time for days while the Corpsman is saying “You might be okay sir. Medically you are fine for now but the Osprey here only has 1 flight hour...”. He won’t be able to say anything when the freshly minted Osprey crewman asks:

“Why is our squadron called the 32nd ‘Grim Reapers’ if we are unarmed?”

Right about the time both of the engines seize up because the epoxy they accidentally put in instead of oil finally reaches its 2 hour set time..I’ll be on the edge of blowing my wad.

Then the whole thing will crash into the visiting Popes limo and that guy is gonna get to burn to death for hours. Both of them.

The crack Osprey accident response crew that is the most elite and experienced team in the entire US Military? Yeah their EuroCopter was broken down for the first time in 20 years. Couldn’t get there in time to save anyone.

Top that shit, Rube.

This is what it looks like when you are on the ground and insult Jesus for the very last time.