Monthly Sporting Rifle match RATON NM


Apr 9, 2006
Littleton, Colorado
The AR matches are casual matches that are run on scheduled Saturday mornings using various Sporting Rifle Match steel target arrays, so the distances involved are typical 200-700 yards. The stages change for each match, but the ability to shoot accurately and quickly is rewarded. Also, some of the stages may involve moving on the clock, but not a lot. Only AR15s in 5.56 NATO are allowed. It is very important to note that the ammo for this match must not have any iron content in the projectiles. We use magnets to test ammo, so if your bullets are attracted to a magnet, you will not be permitted to shoot. I usually bring 200 rounds, but seldom shoot more than 100. If you struggle hitting the targets, you will probably use more.


Nov 15, 2010
Castle Rock, CO
Has anyone cleared the sporting match 60/60 yet?
Left NM years ago, just curious!
I remember one of the first times I shot the match, shot with Brian Whalen. He missed either the first or second target of the day due to a mental error. He then proceeded to hit every single remaining target. Got 59/60, and I have no doubt he would have cleaned it if not for that one mental error. That guy can flat out shoot!!!