Marlin XT 22 / Ammo Test / Accuracy

Just thought I'd post a result I was very happy with after an evening of ammo testing last night. I was shooting 3 shot, .5" groups consistently with CCI mini mags, and sub MOA constantly with Center X using my new-ish Marlin XT 22 (laminate) wearing a Nikon Prostaff Rimfire II. The distance was 50 yards, about 25 degrees (C), wind gusting from right to left. I really wanted to get out to 100 yards but up here on the Canadian Prairies calm days are few and far between.

I normally shoot 5 or 7 shot groups, and I did a fair bit of that yesterday, but I only had a handful of Center Xs so I stuck with 3s.

I tested: CCI Mini Mags, Center X, Aguila Snipers, Wildcats, CCI Stingers, CCI Short HP, American Eagle, RWS Club, Sellier & Bellot, Winchester M-22, Browning BP, Federal Bulk, CCI Quiet, Remington Yellow Jackets.

The Aguila Snipers shot really well also, but they fouled up my breech something awful. Had a bunch of FTEs after I shot them.

One round I'm amazed with every time I shoot it is the CCI Short HP. I always get great results with it.

Long story short, I wanted to see if I can do with a Marlin XT 22 what people are doing with the RPR. The RPR looks really fun and interactive to shoot, for now though I think I'll work on tweaking my Marlin and see how tight I can get it shooting.

Pics below of the group, and the office I wished I worked in 8+ hours a day :cool:

Anyone else have thoughts on the XT 22's accuracy?

office.jpg center x group.jpg


Gunny Sergeant
Jul 19, 2008
with some time and patience, you can use that barrel / mounting screw like a tuner and get a little more consistancy. it's still (IMO) the downfall of that platform.

i had a thread around here somewhere on doing a DIY trigger job on the factory trigger by replacing the factory spring with a ball point pen spring, there is also one made by JARD, and i believe the rifle basix triggers can still be dropped in it.

many view the XT as POS .22, but there is accuraccy in there. but on the other hand, unless your not the DIY type, and your tickled by the RPR, it's probably better to just go that route from a budget and quality standpoint.

I've got the marlins, savages, CZs, rugers....the ruger even with the RAR platform is probably the biggest value.

honestly when i think of trading or selling my older marlin 822 mag, i take it for a groundhog hunt and realize it has a place in my safe. I've come across other marlin 22's on the very cheap, they make nice "experimental" rifles to try DIY stuff on to see if it'll work, then apply it to another rifle....and they've all shot better than their "face value" with ammo it likes.