Marlin XT 22 / Ammo Test / Accuracy

Just thought I'd post a result I was very happy with after an evening of ammo testing last night. I was shooting 3 shot, .5" groups consistently with CCI mini mags, and sub MOA constantly with Center X using my new-ish Marlin XT 22 (laminate) wearing a Nikon Prostaff Rimfire II. The distance was 50 yards, about 25 degrees (C), wind gusting from right to left. I really wanted to get out to 100 yards but up here on the Canadian Prairies calm days are few and far between.

I normally shoot 5 or 7 shot groups, and I did a fair bit of that yesterday, but I only had a handful of Center Xs so I stuck with 3s.

I tested: CCI Mini Mags, Center X, Aguila Snipers, Wildcats, CCI Stingers, CCI Short HP, American Eagle, RWS Club, Sellier & Bellot, Winchester M-22, Browning BP, Federal Bulk, CCI Quiet, Remington Yellow Jackets.

The Aguila Snipers shot really well also, but they fouled up my breech something awful. Had a bunch of FTEs after I shot them.

One round I'm amazed with every time I shoot it is the CCI Short HP. I always get great results with it.

Long story short, I wanted to see if I can do with a Marlin XT 22 what people are doing with the RPR. The RPR looks really fun and interactive to shoot, for now though I think I'll work on tweaking my Marlin and see how tight I can get it shooting.

Pics below of the group, and the office I wished I worked in 8+ hours a day :cool:

Anyone else have thoughts on the XT 22's accuracy?

office.jpg center x group.jpg
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