March 3-24X52 FFP mil/mil FML-1 PRICE REDUCED


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Dec 17, 2010
Billings, MT
Bought this a little while back intending to put it on my 223 trainer. Plans have changed and an opportunity has arisen, so I am putting this on the block. As title says, this is a 3-24X52 FFP, FML-1 (non-illuminated), mil/mil. Scope is coated - I believe Cerakote, but not totally sure - it was that way when I got it. Look at pics closely - Cerakote is not perfect and shows scratches and ring marks. I have looked at it fairly closely and I don't believe they go any deeper (not into original scope finish). Flip caps and sunshade are coated in the same color/finish. This was an early scope that was 1/6400 mil. I recently sent it back for a checkup in WA and then it was off to Japan to be converted to 1/6283. Glass is perfect. I have owned the 3-24X42 and the eyebox on this one is more forgiving, and as you would expect with the larger objective, light gathering is greatly improved. Scope comes with box and paperwork. $2100 shipped and insured. Only partial trades I will consider are a fast twist .224 barrel from a major manufacturer or a Bushnell LRTS 3-12 with G3 reticle - both of which would require cash on your end.

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