manners t4a or krg bravo?


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Sep 29, 2018
Thinking about getting a drop in stock for a gun and was originally going to get another krg bravo but wanted to keep options open.

Is the manners t4a worth double the price of the krg bravo? bravo seems to do a lot of great things for the price, what would the manners do at 2x the price?
Apr 7, 2011
Central WI
I have both, I prefer the T4A. But you’re making an apples and oranges comparison. The bravo is a nice budget stock. It’s really comfortable but it’s not a premium composite stock either.
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Mar 2, 2013
Joplin, MO
T4A with mini chassis will run you north of $1k with options.

The Bravo is an incredible value at its price point though. Nothing else even compares for $350. You could add about every option and still be under $700.
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Dec 13, 2004
Mesa AZ, USA
Yep, it all comes down preference. For what it is, the Bravo is amazing, I'm sure. I've had a few X-Rays, and they're fantastic for their price point. The Bravo just gives you the advantages of a chassis with the feel of a stock. As a beater/starter/loaner stock, I'm sure they're every bit as good as any of the other chassis that KRG puts out.

The Manners, on the other hand, is a premium stock, and will set you back a good bit depending on which model and what features you elect to get on it. You can get one that's ready made, or you can custom spec it yourself. Hard to go wrong with one, though.

For me, if I could only have one, it would be a Manners. They're just so dang nice. That having been said, if you're operating on a Bravo budget, I'd absolutely get one to get you shooting now, and then save for the Manners. I'd hate to have to save for a year or more just for the funds, then add several more months on top of that for a stock to be built, and not shoot at all during that time.


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Feb 19, 2012
Charlotte, NC
The bravo will not hold you back and will do everything the manners will.

I prefer the feel of the bravo grip/rear but the manners is solid throughout the stock (bravo is a hallow but not cheap rear end).

Going to be preference to feel but unless the manners offers you a feature the krg cant provide id go with the bravo.