Manners Composite Stocks Estimated Lead Times


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Feb 11, 2018
Mooresville, NC
New here. Have lurked for years, just trying to learn.

I put in the confirmed order on 7-7-17 for a TF4a with mini chassis. Bartlein got my barreled action done last September and the ATF got my TBAC Ultra 9 back to me in December. So I got anxious to play with my new toy and ordered a KRG bravo so I could go play with my new toy and keep my mind off of the wait. Tonight I checked my email and got the shipping notice from KRG and the request for payment from manners indicating 4-6 weeks. I’ll call in the payment in the morning and just sell the KRG when the manners gets here. Can’t wait.
Dec 6, 2010
Hey Tom,
I really appreciate the time you take to take care of us!
Additional query; Can an Ingenuity Gunworks AdjustaRail be flush mounted/ integrated into the forend of the new MCS-PRS1TK + MCS-DBMTK?
Jun 12, 2007
Maricopa Co., AZ
Hey Tom, can you tell me the weight difference between a standard fill and a heavy fill? I'm putting together a 338 Norma Mag on a Deviant action and was wondering if I should go with a heavy fill to help soak up some of that recoil (looking at an MCS-T5A). I really like the MCS-PRS1, but I'm not sure it would be pleasant to shoot a 338 NM with such a light stock, but I did the narrower forend.