M40A1 ***sold***


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Feb 13, 2017
Wenatchee, WA
I bought this with the intentions of shooting it but I can’t bring myself to do it. Comes with turner mrt sling (marked 12-86) and custom bipod stud. Scope serial is 8541M purchased from CSTactical. I purchased this from a ar15.com member who purchased directly from twomanattack (TMA) Below is from the original ad.

M40a1 rifle built by a USMC armorer at RTE-P Quantico. Build date of June 2016. It is 100% USMC spec with a C prefix 637XXXX receiver, Hart barrel, correct crown, correct clip slot guide, trigger, bottom metal, stock, bedding, unitized scope mount and finish. All parts are correctly marked with the last 4 of the serial. Receiver is marked U.S. and RTE-P. Comes with a USMC issue matching logbook with shop stamps. Single test fire by builder.

Serious inquires only. ***6750.00 shipped*** A6729163-9EEE-4A75-82B4-C62F5880B359.jpeg F16AC616-8DE6-4367-98EF-6F5F4DB7572A.jpeg 6F865538-9D01-4229-88D8-8C9C29166AC4.jpeg E34B5AB8-02AD-44EF-9446-4AD6E8542FAA.jpeg
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