Lucas Oil Bore Solvent


Gunny Sergeant
May 7, 2009
Sig pushes the Lucas Oil pretty hard, as they include it with all the guns they sell. It seems to be pretty decent oil, so I decided to get a bottle. I also tried a bottle of their bore solvent. Let me tell you, this stuff is so ineffective, I don't even know how they call it solvent. For comparison, if I take a Q-tip and soak it in Bore Tech Eliminator and rub my dirty muzzle brake, the Q-tip will turn black and blue very quickly. I took the same muzzle brake and soaked it overnight in the Lucas bore solvent, and the solvent is still the same color. It didn't loosen any of the carbon on the brake at all. I would get better results soaking the brake in my pee.


Full Member
Dec 21, 2010
Lucas bore solvent is more aimed towards the Ultrasonic, and as a general cleaner. It is great in the US. It won't cut copper in the bore, nor built up carbon deposits. I don't use it as a bore cleaner at all. I use a few different products for the bore, depending on what I am trying to accomplish.