LRI 300 Norma Mag


Dec 11, 2012
This is brand new no rounds down the barrel except for testing at LRI.
. Specs are
Bat tactical action
Bartlein MTU barrel 30” finish 1-10 rh twist
APA little bastard break blended to barrel
Jewell trigger hvrts set at 1.5#
Badger M5 CIP bottom metal
AICS CIP 5rd mag
Manners T5 heavy fill stock
LRI 4” Picatinny rail

The stock has had the full LRI treatment as it had been bedded and action blended to stock. Full custom cerkote Fde, olive, graphite black this is there 3 color woodland. Flush cups left side and LRI check adjustment.

All metal was cerakoted graphite black except bolt body and inside receiver.

Rifle is chambered with LRI’s 30 degree improved 300 Norma reamer. It has a 235 freebore I believe. I think have the reamer print on file if one would like to use it to get some dies cut to match.

Would take $4000 for it bipod not included.
Money order or PayPal FF Or add 3%CC74DD24-A91C-4F7C-A5FD-C8A8C40297A6.jpegCC74DD24-A91C-4F7C-A5FD-C8A8C40297A6.jpeg1353B40D-27FC-43DF-973E-E2ECA3148813.jpeg4AE85578-9029-4481-BC07-B3D796A2CF96.jpegB5F031F5-C292-4364-8455-E8C65458B433.jpeg4C20BF52-0657-4824-B36D-CCE60C863092.jpegD3FF8842-A486-47A5-8734-95284300B58C.jpeg61642E1C-78DA-4D67-A239-B921098EB54C.jpeg
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