Lost Tax Stamp


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Mar 20, 2007
Little Rock, AR
So my stamp was approved on March 7th. When calling it they tell you it should take 2 weeks after approval for your dealer to get the stamp.

I still don’t have mine because my dealer moved locations while waiting for approval. I assume the stamp is either being forwarded to his new location or it has been returned to ATF.

Has this happened to anyone? I’ve been told I can request a copy for replacement but I would like the original.

Apr 13, 2012
Cheyenne, WY
I had a stamp returned to the ATF. The owner of the suppressor (private sale) didn't change his address, so they sent the stamp to his old address. Luckily the people who moved in to that house had it returned, and the ATF sorted it out. All in all it was delayed roughly 1 month.

If it truly is lost, the ATF will issue a copy of the stamp and paperwork.
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Sep 28, 2012
Central Florida
Yes, this happened to me also. Since I used a different dealer for the paperwork than usual, I waited well past expected due date and started asking questions. First I was told that they had not received it and that it sometimes took up to a month to receive after approval.. Okay, I'm patient enough. So I waited a few more weeks (now a total of 6 weeks past approval date) and asked again. They said it hadn't been approved yet. I told them that I spoke to an ATF agent (provided name), who said that it had been approved for over 6 weeks. "We'll get back to you." Another week and another call that I had to make. "ATF must have lost it. We are applying for a duplicate for you." (like they were doing me a favor) Finally, three months after it was first approved, I called again and they said that they would look and see if it came in because they had moved three months ago and some paperwork was still in disarray. "Yes, It's here." I went to pick it up and had to wait for 45 minutes while they tried to and finally did find my suppressor.

Not a dealer that will be getting my future business unless there are no more options. I understand that moving a business is tough and can be chaotic, but don't lie to me and try to blame the ATF when it is obvious that you lost/misplaced the paperwork during your move. I wasn't born yesterday. It was the day before...a Tuesday...in the dark...