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Niles Coyote

Gunny Sergeant
Aug 13, 2007
South West, MI
Binged this over the weekend. The wife and I really enjoyed it. Your going to hate Dr Smith and be uneasy about the robot. By the end it mostly appears to be on track with the original story line... Though I am a little rusty on that. Cant wait for Season 2.


Gunny Sergeant
Nov 27, 2009
Ingleside, Tx
In the original series pilot, Dr. Smith was not a bumbling coward. He was portrayed as intelligent, evil and manipulating.
from Fandom:
Filmed in black-and-white, the first season of Lost in Space took itself more seriously than subsequent seasons—at least at the outset. Set in 1997, the series begn}}s the Robinsons, a family of space travelers preparing for a five-year exploratory voyage to the Alpha Centauri star system in the Jupiter 2. Unfortunately, the enemy saboteur Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris) intends to prevent the mission and kill the family, with the help of the Robot, which he programs to carry out his plans to destroy the ship.

When the Jupiter 2 blasts off, Dr. Smith is trapped inside the vehicle with his intended victims: Prof. John Robinson (Guy Williams); his wife, Maureen (June Lockhart); his children, Judy (Marta Kristen), Will (Bill Mumy), and Penny (Angela Cartwright), and ship's pilot Don West (Mark Goddard). Because of Smith's sabotage, the ship veers off course to an unchartered planet where the Robinsons et. al. will spend the remainder of the season.

Contrary to fan belief, it had never been intended to kill off the Dr. Smith character after the first five-episode story arc (Jonathan Harris confirmed, in a 1997 interview with STARLOG magazine, "I was hired to be in every episode.") The Robot "reforms" and becomes an unending fount of valuable information for the space castaways, periodically bursting forth with cries of "Warning! Warning!" and "Danger! Danger!" and dealing with matters beyond his ken by muttering metallically, "That does not compute."

As for Smith, he evolves from snarling villain to cowardly buffoon, whom the others inexplicably tolerate, even though Smith's perfidy and duplicity cause nothing but trouble for them. The notion to serialize the episodes is dropped early on in favor of self-contained stories, though each episode ends with a cliff-hanger preview of the following week's installment. Unlike the next two seasons of Lost in Space, guest stars were kept to a minimum during season one.


Nov 29, 2005
ny state
Good special effects and great casting...
Unfortunately they made DAD kind of a dope...women are of course brilliant and can solve all problems...
Ending was also good


Sergeant of the Hide
Jun 26, 2003
I really enjoyed this show too! Can't wait for the second season! I didn't think they made the dad "dopey". I was a bit disappointed at first the way he was portrayed, but as the show progressed, I thought that both the mom and dad started to realize their shortcomings and that together they needed each other and together they become a "force to be reckoned with". Just my thoughts...:)
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Sergeant of the Hide
Apr 20, 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed the season. Only complaint were that the characters were a bit bland (minus Dr. Smith character). But the series finally definitely left me wanting more. Glad to see it got another season renewed.