Long Range Precision - Laurens, SC

Mar 18, 2018

About The Event
Our Clients will receive maximum classroom training & hands on training to be successful in basic rifle marksmanship, long-range precision marksmanship, observation techniques, range estimation, data gathering, ballistics, wind reading, and positions.

Course Dates:
April 7-8th, May 5-6th, July 14-15th

Equipment Needed: (Rentals Available, contact us prior to enrolling)
 Rifle - bolt action or accurized semi-auto with sling & bipod OR SPR style rifle with sling & bipod
 Quality tactical scope with mil-dot or range estimation reticle and external adjustable turrets e.g.
 1 each - Ear & Eye Protection
 1 - Back Pack or similar
 Calculator (basic solar type)
 Sand Sock and/or rear support bag
 Pen, Pencil, & Paper
 2 ea. - Rifle Magazines (If applicable)

Course Ammo Allotment: 200 rifle rounds need to achieve course standards, anything additional is at the client’s discretion. (Ammo is available for purchase at range cost, contact us to to ensure we have what you need in stock.)

Optional for all Long-Range courses:
o Index cards, 3 x 5
o Spotting scope and/or Binoculars
o 1 Set - Rain Gear, I.E. Poncho, Wet Weather top bottom, etc.… (Depending on location and season, it is recommended to at least have a wet weather top)

Lodging on Site: (Optional)
 1 Set - Toiletry Kit, Personal Hygiene Kit Items & Towel
 Sleeping Bag and Pillow, It is indoors with climate control but will be on floor, feel free to bring a cot.

 Food and extra water is necessary, be prepared for 9-10-hour days, we do not be leave the range for breaks.
 If you wear glasses to correct vision, recommended to bring a spare, contact lenses are accepted.
 You may bring a laptop and cell phone.
 Any additional questions and/or information, please feel free to contact Fenix Strategies LLC:
info@fenixstrategies.com | +1-803-369-6141
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