Long Range Positional Workshop - based on Sniper Hide feedback on our survey

Feb 7, 2013
The West
Based on feedback received here, we wanted to add a weekend geared to new shooters interested in positional shooting... Thanks for those that helped fill out the survey.

Long Range Positional Workshop- using barricades & obstacles and or prone positions.
Saturday 10/27
11am –3pm (Shooting after the workshop will be available)
Avenal Gun Club
cost $20

Long Range New Shooter Positional Match
Sunday 10/28
7am –2pm
Avenal Gun Club
cost $20

NRL22 Positional Match
Saturday 10/27
Avenal Gun Club
cost $20

PLEASE RSVP Match Director's email scott@westernatv.com
Fees cover Range fees-

Long Range Workshop with the emphasis on learning or tuning up your positional shooting:
This will be a great opportunity to try shooting from different positions in a fun supportive environment. We will cap the workshop at a very small size so that you’ll get a lot of time on your guns.

We will briefly overview:​
  • Typical tools used to enhance your positional shooting
  • Shooter offsets
  • Approaching a stage
  • Finding targets quickly
  • Recoil management vrs free-recoil and spotting your own impacts. We can get really windy out here so a premium is on seeing your impacts.
We will have multiple stations set up with an experienced positional shooter to help with questions and tips. And you will have the opportunity to test the offsets from prone, bench to obstacles. (please note that this is not meant to be instructional or take place of a quality class)

You do not need any prior experience, just a good attitude and safe gun handling skills. Even if your an experienced positional shooter, come on out and practice. Almost any rifle will work from your AR to your hunting gun as long as you have a scope with either subtensions (BCD reticle) and or adjustable turrets.

NRL22 Match that is fun and friendly. Bring your 22LR!!! These are the hottest new thing in positional rifle shooting! http://nrl22.org/
Immediately after, the Long Range workshop.

Sunday is a New shooter Centerfire Match!
New shooters will be given just about 2x the time at each stage and will receive coaching from other shooters.

The match is actually two matches in one and It runs just about every month, has 8 stations that can be All Prone as an entry-level match, or off barricades/obstacles as the Open division. The current field of fire at each station is fairly diverse with targets in valleys, hillsides on ridges and over various wind corridors. The course covers about 2 miles of hiking up and down rolling hills, usually with more than enough wind to keep things exciting. The match is all steel 2moa or better, ranging 200 yards to 900, 1 shot per target, 50 rounds. In the image above targets are scattered throughout the hills and valleys

Positional match This is a great format if your tuning up your positional skills for bigger PRS or NRL matches, a hunter or just want to have fun. So it is whatever you want to make of it. There is a ton of time if your a newer shooter, you'll get 2X the time. There are at least two completely different obstacle sets at each station. The course of fire is clearly spelled out.

The prone match, is ideal for hunters or newer shooters trying to gain a bit more experience at longer ranges and soft entry into matches. The prone format is modeled after the now closed (due to politics) Whittington Center in Raton; 1 shot, hit or miss move on per target.

The match is in Central California off highway 5 just south of Harris Ranch:
1 hour from Fresno
1.5 from Bakersfield
2.5 hours from San Jose
3:15 hours from SF
3:15 hours from Sacramento
4 hours north of Los Angles
5 hours from Reno
5-1/2 from Las Vegas
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Swamp Rat
Sep 28, 2012
Central Florida
I like this setup and the match and training offerings! I'm a bit far away to actually attend, but shall be there in spirit.

For those that do not know, this amount of information and the options available to the shooters here are very time consuming to put together and show a level of thought and effort not very normal (at least out here in the southeast).

Good luck with this! I really do wish that I could be there, if only for helping out.
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