Limited Edition Sniper's Hide Data Books from IDB

Aug 28, 2013
I ordered one of the Sniper Hide Data Book last month, I have 2 other models from other vendors but i prefer the IDB. I just find myself writing down more information in the IDB.


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Dec 23, 2017
Sniper’s Hide – Impact Data Books Limited Edition Data Books

Sniper’s Hide and Impact Data Books, the leader in data book production, have teamed up to bring the members of Sniper’s Hide the opportunity to own a copy of the most versatile data book ever produced while showing your support for the #1 online sniper site in the world.

Frank Galli, former Marine Scout Sniper and owner of Sniper’s Hide, and myself sat down and have put together a data book that we feel offers a great mix of data collection pages that will enhance the way shooters train. This book’s layout was hand selected from our always expanding collection of over 380 unique data collection pages.

As with all books offered from Impact Data Books, our books come in our durable polycarbonate 3 ring binders which allow you to add and expand your book as your shooting needs grow or change. The ability to have flexibility, modular ability, and other unique options is what makes the books from Impact Data Books the choice of military, law enforcement, competitors, and recreational shooters around the world.

This book will feature the Sniper’s Hide Logo on the front and the quote, “For the Serious Tactical Marksman” on the spine. This book comes with our standard index pages which feature all the tables, charts, formulas, and reference material a shooter may need. The core of the book is setup as follows: 10- LD-CV, 10- B-B, 5- D-21DD, 10- B-UKD, 15- MLS-SD2, 5- ML-SIL, 5- S-CIR, 10- I-CUS, 5- I-EFDSB, and 5- I-N.

This is a limited run of 150 books!! We don’t expect them to last very long and we don’t know if or when we will do another run of these. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to show your loyalty to your favorite shooting site while at the same time owning the data book that will make a difference in your shooting.

Direct ordering link for Sniper's Hide Book

We will be opening up pre-sales on these books today. Books will start shipping on Monday, October 17, 2011.

Happy Shooting from Impact Data Books and Sniper’s Hide, your leading sources for long range shooting.
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