SOLD Late Mk13 Mod 0 sniper rifle w/ original Mcmillan return stock *PRICE DROP*


Gunny Sergeant
Mar 26, 2006
Manning, Iowa
Mk13 Mod 0 rifle. Stock is a original Military return stock with Certificate of Authenticity signed by Kelly McMillan. Also includes military return BDL, McCann rail and bipod. Stock is in excellent condition as is the other return parts. Built on a E prefix receiver that has been fully blueprinted and a sako extractor installed. Barrel is a contract Lilja and has been cut to fit the Mk11 suppressor. Test fired only. Stock was skim bedded over top of the original bedding done by crane. Please note there are areas on the stock with bedding compound on it, this is from the original bedding job done at crane and NOT by RWS gunsmithing. Includes nightforce 30mm rings.

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