Largest Inside Diameter Handguard for AR 10?

Nov 6, 2013
Southern, IN
I am looking for the largest Internal Diameter freefloat handguard that I can get for a build using an AR 10/DPMS receiver?

I would prefer something that allows the modular attachment of rails (not looking for just a round tube).

I want to make sure that I have plenty of clearance between the barrel components and the handguard to prevent any possible contact when the barrel whips. The last AR10 that I had would string really bad as the barrel heated, and it looks like it was due to the gas block hitting the handguard as the barrel moved more & more with heating.

I would love to put a Seekins Precision SP3R on it, but they do not make a version for the DPMS AR 10 receiver.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Sep 17, 2010
Tx Hill Country
Apex Machine a possibility. Have three, allow more than adequate clearance for SLR GB’s on .850/.936 GB shoulders, lots of accessory pic rail options, bolt on full length top rail, hi/lo options. They are round, textured for good grip. Solid mount platform, though not a Seekins or E1 Aero.
Jan 15, 2005
Might be worth it to swap out the receiver to one that uses AR15 style handguards so you can use the Seekins rails. The round one is huge, I have one on a 300BLK and it clears a 1.5” diameter can by quite a bit.