Large frame 223?

Jan 15, 2005
Seems about as logical as wiping before you crap.

What's your reasoning? Longer OAL? If so get a Valkyrie.

A large frame 223 would mean proprietary parts that wouldn't make sense to produce. At minimum you'd need magazines and a bolt, and then hope it's going to feed. Functioning that large of a BCG may also be an issues unless you mount a CO2 tank on it to run the action. At that point you have a bigger heavier rifle shooting the same weak sauce round.

It would be as disproportionate as A cups on a fat chick.

It would be like a male pornstar with a micro penis.

It would be like using a honda civic to build a drag car.

It would be like getting a 22LR conversion kit for you Barrett M107.

It would be like putting a counter sniper scope on said Barrett M107.

For some ideas, it's best to lay down quietly until they go away.
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