Justice Kavanaugh... Has a nice ring to it!


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Jan 28, 2011
Kavanaugh is the right person for the job. Hardiman would have been a great pick.

However, there is no pick that views the 2A as I (and I think many of us) do. At least not as far as the public record reflects it. As thankful as I am that they sat on the bench for certain matters, Kavanaugh and Hardiman both implied 2A limits in their opinions. Even the NRA agrees with certain limits... AOWs, etc.

What if I had my pick for SCOTUS... someone like Alan Gura. We could then hope for the smashing of a century of precedent that has done nothing but whittle away at the 2A, including the NFA. Gura has been of the opinion that the NRA is a bunch of pussies. The NRA has tried to hold Gura back as they see him as a loose cannon, maybe taking things too far. But Gura wins. He won both Heller and McDonald v Chicago. And winning is what matters. Remember that Kavanaugh helped Heller along its path to SCOTUS.

People like Gura (and there are several) have zero chance of getting confirmed. But having Kavanaugh on the bench improves the odds of 2A cases coming out on the winning end. Kavanaugh on one side of the bench and Gura et al on the other is a winning combination. The NRA holds back on certain matters as it fears losing certain ones will set precedent that hurts the 2A. Kavanaugh should, and I think will, embolden the NRA. The NRA ILA will probably probe around for more test cases.

If Kavanaugh is confirmed I think the tables will turn and anti-gun groups will try to prevent another Heller or McDonald or any weapons ban from making it to SCOTUS.


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Nov 22, 2012
Kavanaugh is the next Bush justice, just another weak kneed Bush appointee who will turn left as soon as trump appoints a non leftist to RBG slot. Another Roberts. Trump better wake up, he will only get one more chance.
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Apr 26, 2013

Just from his Introductory speech he sounds like a swamp rat to me.....

When you purposely go into detail about how you hire 4 law clerks a year for past 12 years from a diverse pool of applicants BUT then in same sentence you say your honored and proud to stand here and say that a majority of the selected law clerks are female.....

Well that translates into I will pick a less qualified person based on gender just so I can keep my pride in saying I hire mostly women.

maybe he's just the kinda dude that always wants to make sure his dick is wet.


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Nov 6, 2011
There is talk amongst The Derplings of increasing the number of judges to gain a clear majority in the court. Slimy motherfuckers...
They tried it back about 1933 when last they were trying to institute hard Communism, (they pretty much suceeded in building the foundations).

I remember learning about that in public school history and it was taught as a crime.

I doubt any kid today has had any education regarding Roosevelts "Court Packing" scandal.