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Jun 14, 2018
Juan, Richard, and Jessica are sacrificial pawns prostituted by FOX...… very irritating ones at that.
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Apr 4, 2013
NPR fired him for not being SJW enough for their taste. I give him a pass. I will say though, he’s gone off the deep end a bit since Trump was elected.
He was fired for saying on air that he felt nervous when sitting at the gate waiting to board a plane, and there are muslim men getting on the same plane. NPR freaked out and fired him.


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Feb 23, 2010
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He's said his sons and maybe even his wife are Republicans.
One of his sons is VERY Republican. In fact, I think his name is Jamal.

He is a very good kid. Outspoken, smart, etc.

I actually liked Juan Williams when he was at NPR. He was their only voice of reason and one of the reasons I quit listening to those SJW faeries... was when they fired him. After that, they went pure communist.

What bugs me about JW now is that he is a highly-paid actor for the 'point of the far left.' He is not the voice of reason any more. He knows that like Beckel or that idiot (who should be in jail) woman Marie Harf (did I mention she should be in jail???)... he is playing a role.

On one hand, you have to admire his capitalist spirit. I get it. They are getting boatloads of money. But he has totally thrown away his mantle of credibility and his historian's hat (his book on Civil Rights was outstanding). And simply become a talking clown for the left... an object of ridicule for an audience that knows he is only there to provide stupid leftist points-of-view to inflame the audience, and give the right wing and centrist commentators a crazy counterpoint to bounce off of.

It is pathetic... but hopefully he enjoys his Aston Martin and giant mansion in McLean! He earned it by selling his soul. Hope that in his dotage... he doesn't sometime wake up and say to himself "damn... it was not worth it."

And he can't be all bad... he has at least one Republican son! From what I can tell, he raised his family right! Is there a better measure of a man than that?


May 14, 2013
We , the wife and I, like the Five but detest JW. Every time his bowells empty (talks), I say he needs to be shot in the face, so my wife bought me a semi-fully, tactical, assault nerf gun. Helps some...... he's still a penis wrinkle,


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Nov 27, 2009
Ingleside, Tx
When Juan first started on Fox, he was definitely liberal, but more reasonable and closer to the center, he subbed for Bill frequently.
I really think that he is mostly the "devils advocate", I'm not convinced that he believes a lot of the shit he says.