JP Handguard Durability?

m1a convert

Mar 29, 2003
Idaho Falls
I am going to order a Semi 6.5 Creedmore and am leaning towards the JP. I am also looking at the GAP guns as well. My question is about how rugged the JP handguard is. I am going to be using a PVS-27 on this gun a lot. I know the 12:00 rail screws on. How robust is the attachment of the 12:00 rail under recoil with that much weight? Also, whaat provisions are there if any for anti-rotation? Is that hand guard the only option JP will build with or is there an option like a Geisselle rail or something this gun can be built with?

Are there other guns I should look at instead if I want to ensure ruggedness along with accuracy?


Jul 5, 2018
I haven't had a JP hand guard move in 2 PCC's with 65k rounds each. The PCC's are unique in that there's no gas tube so alignment can only be maintained due to the barrel nut system. Other JP's I have are far lower round count (10k ish) but are still rock solid including a 6.5 CM with the 12:00 rail. The 12:00 rail itself wont move on you.

There's a video series Archway Defense is doing on a JP tortue test rifle. While some of their ideas are excessive and silly in some cases, the JP has not been stopped.