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May 20, 2006
Winnipeg, Mb.
In these “Person Specific” threads, I am asking for a sharing of information regarding teachings, accomplishments, anecdotes, first-hand-experiences, and the like. Simply pertaining to the individual named in the title.

I intend for a separate thread for each separate person, and in no way is this to turn into anything other than respectful and pertinent statements and stories about the shooter. If you want to talk about someone not named in a thread, PM me and I’ll start another. At the same time, disparaging comments, wrong remarks and the like, WILL be removed.

This is intended to turn into a compendium of information of each marksman, because not everything is published, nor has everything been disclosed that has since been “unclassified”. Ya’ll know right from wrong, so let’s all make these threads GREAT.

If we are lucky, the possibility exists for “those who are still alive” to add in their two cents. THAT luxury is not afforded very often. Hence why I want this to be kept “on point”. Thank you.


Oct 8, 2010
Not much of a comment on this extraordinary sniper, but I did make an observation and developed a big curiosity....,,

Has anyone ever came up with the twist rate or his bullet mold ? My thought is he maximized and improved on the .45 cal long range rifle of the day which were fast twist and shot long bullets.
To me, it appears he camouflaged his weapon by having it built to look like a common rifle. However, in the details provided it is a long range target rifle using the superior ballistics and terminal performance of the .50... The labeling of his bullet as a minnie ball seems to continue with his theme of hiding in plain sight. His accuracy and ranges are just not consistent with the ballistics of the minnie ball ...

I look forward to any thoughts or insights to this aspect.....
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